My #GetInvolved Experience - Autumn Hobrock '22

August 7, 2019 | 3:00 PM
Autumn Hobrock '22, Nursing Major

I always knew that I would get involved in college, but I never expected to get as involved as I am. When I used to think about taking part in the life on campus, I figured I wouldn’t have the extra time because I would be so busy with my classes, especially being a nursing major with a deaf studies minor. I never expected my college to work with me and help me get involved around campus while also helping me stay on top of all of my classes. MacMurray truly wants me to be successful!

This past year was my first year at Mac, and I got involved in so many things both on and off-campus. I became a member of the National Student Nurses’ Association, played intramurals, joined the American Sign Language Club, all the while I worked an on-campus job throughout the year in athletics as part of the game-day management team and working off-campus during second semester as a lifeguard at the Jacksonville YMCA. Throughout the year, I was also heavily involved in concert choir which was by far my favorite way to be involved at Mac. 

Choir has always been a big part of my life. Growing up, I was involved in my church’s choir, and my middle and high school choir groups for several years before going to college. I had also participated in a few musicals at my school as well as a couple of variety shows that our choir had performed. Being able to continue singing in a choir while in college has been unforgettable; our group continues to grow, and the people are fantastic. We get together to rehearse a couple of times a week to prepare for various performances. In the last year, we’ve presented a fall concert, led the hymns at the Lessons and Carols Christmas service, performed at the Madrigals dinner (costumes and all), held a spring concert in conjunction with students from The Illinois School for the Visually Impaired (ISVI), and toured around the local elementary schools culminating with our performance at MacMurray’s graduation ceremony. One of my favorite parts of choir involved some of us visiting the assisted living communities in town and bringing music to their homes. Overall, I mostly enjoyed when we did a two-day tour to different elementary schools in the area, including my very own hometown elementary school. We performed Disney songs for the kids that we had sung at our spring concert with the ISVI students.  

I am so excited for my sophomore year to start because I get to be involved in so much more than I did last year. I’ll also officially start my nursing classes! I’ll be involved in Student Life as an alternate resident assistant and I’ll work in the Admissions Department as a student ambassador. I’ve also accepted various positions in different clubs on campus, so I’ll be the treasurer of the Performing Arts Club as well as the secretary and MacMurray Student Association representative of the cheerleading squad. I’ll be adding these new experiences to my schedule along with continuing the clubs I was involved in last year. I am very excited about all of the different ways that I’ll #getinvolved here at MacMurray in the coming years!  

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