My International Practicum Experience - Week 7

July 19, 2019 | 2:30 PM
Colton Pettyjohn '19, Social Work Major

Hello again from very humid Ahmedabad! Monsoon season is still upon us, however, we haven’t seen much rain, so we get stuck with all of the humidity. In the last week, I’ve been finishing up my time working with the fundraising department at the Blind People’s Association, and I recently submitted two proposals for review. One proposal is for a waste management program that can work with my agency to make its own paper from plant seeds in order to create notepads to sell. This would be a great initiative for us because it would help us make a positive impact on the environment, a movement that is beginning to take off in India. The second proposal I submitted is for a designated Disability Awareness Day in the local schools. During this day, students would learn what a disability is, the different types of disabilities and go through simulations for each type of disability. This week, I was also able to attend DJ Dance Night which was a lot of fun just hanging out as well as joining all the children on the dance floor. We had a blast!

Next week I will be working in the Deaf-Blind Unit and I’m very excited to work with these students and gain some valuable experience. I will also be finishing up my internship a little early and have all 400 hours completed by next week. With the extra time I’ll have, I plan to spend it doing some traveling around India as well as doing a bit of volunteer work. I cannot believe my time in India is coming to a close, but I know it is not goodbye forever because I will definitely be back! I appreciate all of the love and support that everyone has given me!


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