My #GetInvolved Experience - Jeremy Fennewald '21

July 11, 2019 | 3:00 PM
Jeremy Fennewald '21, Criminal Justice & Homeland Security Major

After my first year at MacMurray, I found myself unsure on what to expect going into my sophomore year. I never really found myself or figured out what I wanted to do during my first year, but that all changed when I got more involved around campus. Going into my sophomore year, I was a Resident Assistant, and, once the year began, I joined the fraternity Zeta Theta Theta, the Campus Activities Board and the Business Club. 

I’ve enjoyed my time at Mac more since getting involved. It’s also helped me in numerous ways:

·         It helped me find myself by giving me various opportunities to figure out my likes and dislikes.

·         I’ve met so many new people and have gained many lifelong friends just by putting myself out there.

·         I’ve become an influential person around campus because of the various roles I have.

·         It gave me something to look forward to every day as well as great people to hang out with.

·         Lastly, getting involved helped to get me out of my room and helped me build skills I might not have gotten otherwise.

            I’m happy I decided to come to Mac. I’ve gained so many experiences and friendships during my two years here. When I was looking for colleges, I wanted to attend a school where everybody knew everybody’s name because I didn't know half of the people I graduated with in high school. I’m lucky to have found that at MacMurray, and I love all aspects of this college. I’ve truly embraced my #MacFam!



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