Day in the Life of Kerrigan Horn '19

March 25, 2019 | 12:00 PM
Kerrigan Horn '19, Psychology Major

A day in my life starts and ends very early. Being a student-athlete and being in season sets the tone for how my day is going to go. My alarm goes off at about 5:15 in the morning when I get up to meet the athletic trainer for treatment, which is followed by a mental toughness session before practice. On our team, we mentally prepare before each practice or game, which typically involves a lot of journaling and discussion. Afterwards we practice and, depending on the day, we will focus on either offense or defense. During practice we work on individual skills as well as overall team skills and chemistry on the field. My favorite part is the end of practice challenge where we have an individual person or team challenge. They usually are not easy; however, if we do beat the challenge we are done with practice for the day. If we fail, we do great amounts of conditioning.

Following one of our practices, you can catch the MacMurray Softball team in Piper’s having our team breakfast before we all go to class. Class for me entails social psychology, psychology of the criminal mind, human biology, and a biology lab. My favorite courses I’ve taken at Mac are my philosophy courses, specifically Contemporary Ethics. In between classes, myself and the team can be found in McClelland Dining Hall eating anything from Mac n’ Cheese to overloading the bagel/cereal station. It is always a special day when the dining hall has build your own taco salads and my personal favorite, Mediterranean food.

After a day of classes, I like to relax and watch Netflix or study with the team at our study tables. I then go to work in the Office of Admissions as a student ambassador before I have to leave for team fellowship/character building. For this, we meet at a local church and eat dinner as a team and talk about virtues of being a teammate and a female in athletics. This is one of my favorite activities we do as a team because it can range from so many topics and we really get to know each other on a personal level outside of the game. Then, the team goes to the weight room for another practice. This is a fun time because we get to really push each other and we jam out. We all have very different tastes of music, but we’ve agree that 90’s Hip Hop is the best!

After weights, a group of us usually drives to Walmart to grocery shop for the week and stock up on Powerade. When we get back to the dorms, I go to my room, turn on Spotify and work on homework and make a nightly phone call with my mom (yes, I am a senior and still do this). My day ends when I shower and do my nightly devotional journal before bed, then I set my alarm so I can restart my day in the morning.

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