MacMurray College Athletics

Spring football practice warming up

April 9, 2014

 The MacMurray football team is well into its spring practice schedule, with the returning players honing their skills and spending hours in the weight room. The backs and receivers were on Freesen Football Field April 8, and new receivers coach John Bryan (pictured below) was getting to know and instructing his squad.

“We have completed eight practices, and we have nearly 60 players this off-season," said Head Coach Chris Douglas. "This is the highest number of off-season players since I’ve been here, and the experience shows. The players know where to go and what to do in a more efficient manner, he continued. "This has contributed to eight of the best spring practices in three years at MacMurray. More importantly, our players have bought in to the idea of consistent improvement. We have a saying -- a rule, really -- during the off-season: the '1 percent rule.' We are striving to get better through the accumulation of small daily improvements. It has really shown up, as our players are more consistent in their daily habits and strive to accomplish their personal strength, speed and academic goals.”

See a photo gallery of the April 8 spring practice.


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