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macmurray college

Current Exhibition

Erin Eveland
August 22 – October 4, 2018

Artist's Statement

"Cotton Balls and Swabs" by Erin Eveland.

Containers are meant to hold things. Sometimes a container is designed to hold something specific. Other times it is not, but it is given a purpose. In both cases, containers are meant to be filled.

Contents explores the juxtaposition containers and what we put in them. What we fill them with and how we give them purpose. Our lives can be considered containers and those who fill it become the contents.

Artist Biography

Erin Eveland paints primarily in oils with a heavy emphasis on color. Eveland's work often focuses on her everyday life in a mix of still life and rural landscapes. Seeing the beauty in the ordinary is a driving force in her work. Each work deals with a facet of her life as a wife, mother, teacher, and as an advocate for the arts. She is the Executive Director of The HUB — Arts and Cultural Center in Rushville, IL.