This Is Highlander Country

Event Results

Congratulations to all of the winners of the Homecoming events and competitions!

Homecoming Court

Banner Decorating

Judges for the Banner Competition were

Spirit Days

Judges for Spirit Days were

Pep Rally Games

Michalson Monster 5K

Male Overall

  1. Mark Brant, 23:24
  2. Bill Hamm, 23:38

Female Overall

  1. Ashley Lewis, 22:17
  2. Mary Hard, 27:01

Female Under 20

  1. Adasyhin Jackson, 40:29

Male 20-29

  1. Dillion Lascelles, 25:35

Female 20-29

  1. Betsy Beard, 31:10

Male 30-39

  1. Timothy Chipman, 24:31

Female 30-39

  1. Danielle Doerfler, 28:26

Male 40+

  1. Ray Bonner, 31:40

Female 40+

  1. Leitha Walling

Male Mac Alumnus

  1. Darrell Simmermaker, 24:59

Female Mac Alumnus

  1. Kelly Laurence, 29:15

Male Faculty & Staff

  1. Karl Hatton, 25:54

Female Faculty & Staff

  1. Laci Engelbrecht, 45:13

Male Most Spirit

  1. Glenn White

Female Most Spirit

  1. Abby Bagby


MacMurray Campus Organization Float Competition winners are

Float competition judge was Anne Godman.

Band Competition winners are

Band competition judge was John Steckel (Music Director Centenary United Methodist Church).

MacMurray Student Life Sponsors of the parade and line up crew volunteers were

Registration Booth volunteers were Shannon McKay and Brooklyn Hatalla.

Drivers of the vehicles were

Special consideration in helping goes to Paul Fromme, Dave Barber, Carly Ham, Nancy Wood, Derek James, and Steve Ham for donating vehicles for distinguished members of the parade; Emmeritt Adair, Sarah Judy, and Marty Sabolo for putting up the stakes on Friday; and to Judy Tighe of Main Street Jacksonville for arranging for announcers and the auctioneer truck.

If we've forgotten anyone, please accept our apologies. Thank you all for your time, enthusiasm, and support!


vs. Crown College, LOSS 14-17

Men's Soccer
vs. Eureka College, WIN 7-1

Women's Soccer
vs. Eureka College, WIN 3-0