MacMurray College

Event Results

Congratulations to all of the winners of the Homecoming events and competitions!

Homecoming Court

Banner Decorating

(Funds will be transferred to the Campus Organization accounts.)

Judges for the Banner Competition were

Michalson Monster 5K

Male Overall

  1. Anthony Willeford
  2. Donald Rhodes

Male 20-29

  1. Tyler Stewart
  2. Devon Hinegardner '08

Male 30-39

  1. Timothy Chipman
  2. Phil McCarty

Male 40+

  1. Darrell Simmermaker '81
  2. Tom Allen

Mac Alumnus

  1. James Alexander
  2. Dan Routh '13

Faculty & Staff (Male)

  1. Neal Hart

Female Overall

  1. Gabriela Molina
  2. Amber Crowley

Female Under 20

  1. Bailey McClellan
  2. Kait Gotthardt

Female 20-29

  1. Jessica Rhodes '08
  2. Kayla Routh

Female 30-39

  1. Sandra Navarrete '97
  2. Emily Hinegardner '06

Female 40+

  1. Shelly Hannant '13
  2. Linda Strubbe '88

Mac Alumnae

  1. Betsy Beard '09
  2. Kellie Ruppel '11

Student (Female)

  1. Hollee Schultz
  2. Amy Williams

Faculty & Staff (Female)

  1. Danielle Doerfler
  2. Cate Simmermaker

Most Spirit

  1. Andrea Allen '68


It is with a great deal of gratitude and admiration that we would like to thank the many participants and volunteers who helped to make the 2013 MacMurray College Homecoming Parade a success! It is with your help that MacMurray College (friends, faculty, staff, families, alumni) and the families of the Jacksonville Community were able to join together to enjoy the fun and excitement of the annual MacMurray College Homecoming Parade. We were pleased to see the amount and variety of entries in the parade and it appeared everyone was having a great time!

MacMurray Campus Organization Float Competition winners are

(Funds will be transferred to the Campus Organization accounts.)

Float competition judges were Sarah Judy (Student Life/Rutledge Hall Resident Director) and Beth Ham (Student Life).

Band Competition winners are

Band competition judges were

MacMurray Student Life Sponsors of the parade and line up crew volunteers were

Registration Booth volunteers were Shannon McKay and Abby Yemm.

Drivers of the vehicles were

Special consideration in helping goes to Jacksonville Westown Ford Car Dealership, Derek James, Steve Ham, and Dave and Sue Barber for donating vehicles for distinguished members of the parade and to Cori Wagner and a few students for putting up the number flags and chalking the sidewalk on Friday and Saturday (due to the rain). A big thank you to Judy Tighe from Jacksonville Main Street for the auctioneer to help announce the entries.

If we've forgotten anyone, please accept our apologies. Thank you all for your time, enthusiasm, and support!


vs. Eureka College, LOSS 15-23

Men's Soccer
vs. Iowa Wesleyan College, TIE 1-1

Women's Soccer
vs. Iowa Wesleyan College, WIN 4-0