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Our Mission

Academic advising at MacMurray College involves a dynamic relationship: the advisor serves as teacher and guide, helping students achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals. This process assists students in making sense of their liberal arts education, becoming self-directed learners, applying their academic experiences beyond the classroom, and maximizing their educational and career opportunities. Quality academic advising is essential in promoting academic excellence and the College's vision.

Our Goals and Objectives

Advising services at MacMurray seek to

  1. share a mutual responsibility between advisor and student so students advocate for themselves and are ultimately responsible for successful completion of a degree;
  2. educate students about academic programs and institutional policies and procedures;
  3. assist students in choosing courses that meet their interests and abilities and in selecting and declaring a major that fits with their abilities and life goals;
  4. encourage student engagement and subsequent intellectual and personal growth through application of educational experiences beyond the classroom;
  5. foster an understanding of the College's core curriculum and its value in today's society;
  6. connect students with on- and off-campus resources and services that will maximize their learning potential and enhance their college experience;
  7. provide advising support for faculty and others on campus with advising responsibilities;
  8. continually improve the advising process through ongoing assessment, development, and training.