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Refers to the two Applied Arts, Sciences, or Humanities courses required for general education. To find courses that meet this requirement, go to the Course Search page on, select "Ends With" in the Title dropdown list, and type in "AA." This will generate a list of only those courses identified as meeting the AA requirement.
Adjunct Professor
A part-time professor who is hired on a contractual basis rather than being given tenure and a permanent position, also referred to as "professional fellows."
Faculty or staff member who assists students in selecting classes for each academic term and is a resource for questions of all kinds.
Alpha Lamda Delta
Honor society for students who have maintained a 3.5 or higher GPA and are in the top 20% of their class during their first year or term of higher education.
ASL Club
American Sign Language Club for involving all students, with or without current knowledge in American Sign Language, in the Deaf and signing communities.
Associates Degree
60 semester hours, including general education courses and courses in the chosen major. MacMurray offers two associates degrees: an Associate in Arts in Interpreter Preparation and an Associate in Sciences in Criminal Justice.


A college bachelor's degree.
Boost Alcohol Consciousness Concerning the Health of University Students; educates the campus on how to drink responsibly, handle health situations, and to teach people to act and react responsibly.
Bachelor of Arts
Four-year degree that usually requires core courses in a variety of subject areas as well as courses in a foreign language.
Bachelor of Science
Four-year degree that requires more intensive math and science courses but does not usually require a foreign language.
Bachelors Degree
A bachelors degree program at MacMurray can be one of four kinds: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and Bachelor of Social Work. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the degree awarded to students who major in Nursing, and the Bachelor of Social Work is the degree awarded to students who major in Social Work. All other majors lead to either the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science, at the student's choice. At MacMurray, the only difference between Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science is a second language. The B.A. requires a second language; the B.S. does not. For all bachelors degrees, students must complete 120 semester hours, including general education requirements, major requirements, and electives. With the assistance and approval of a faculty advisor, each student organizes a matriculation plan that will satisfy these requirements.
Brothers and Sisters in Christ; student group dedicated to fun and fellowship in a Christ-centered atmosphere.
Belles Lettres
The oldest organization on campus. The purpose of this society shall be to combine service and social activities into a functional campus society, promoting friendship and enthusiasm among members of the society and the campus community.
Biology Club
A group that encourages environmental awareness and promotes "green" behaviors, as well as manages recycling efforts on campus.
Black Student Union
To provide service to students to educate, maintain, and encourage academic achievement and cultural awareness.
Blue Book
A small blank notebook sometimes required for written exams.
Breadth Requirement
Courses outside the major that students must take to complete the general education curriculum at MacMurray. Students take a variety of courses in the liberal arts and sciences to be exposed to the many ways in which a discipline approaches its study of material. MacMurray requires one approved course in each of four areas: Humanities, Fine Arts, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. Courses in the student's major do not satisfy the requirement. For example, an English major will not be able to satisfy the Humanities breadth requirement with an English course. If a student has two majors, either major may be chosen as the basis for the breadth requirement.


Campus Activities Board; sponsors activities to meet the social and recreational needs of the MacMurray Community.
Counsel for Exceptional Children; advances the education of exceptional children and youth.
Center for Learning Excellence.
A ceremony in which degrees or diplomas are conferred on graduating students.
Student who does not live on campus.
The opening ceremony for each academic year, held the day before fall classes begin.
Core GPA
GPA based solely on the five academic solids that constitute a high school student's performance: Math, English or Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Foreign Language. Does not take into account courses such as Band, Typing, Art, Woodshop, Home Ec, etc.
Course that must be taken during the same term as another; usually are linked for registration purposes.
Course Schedule
List of courses offered each semester, including times, locations, instructors, etc.
Credit Hours
The number of hours earned for completing a course, based on the number of "contact hours" per week in class for one term; for example, a student enrolled in a 3-credit hour course can expect to attend that course for roughly three hours per week.
Cum Laude
Students earning an average GPA of 3.50 to 3.79 will be graduated cum laude. To qualify for honors, the last 60 hours must be completed at MacMurray. Transfer grades as well as MacMurray grades are included in calculating eligibility.
Cumulative GPA
Average of all grades from all semesters.


Highest-ranking academic officer in academic or student affairs area.
Delta Epsilon
A social and service fraternity that promotes brotherhood.
Developmental Education
Focused on student success at the postsecondary level, especially those underprepared or misprepared for the postsecondary educational context; assists students to achieve expected competencies in core academic skills such as literacy and numeracy.
Refers to the two Diversity & Global Awareness courses required for general education. To find courses that meet this requirement, go to the Course Search page on, select "End With" in the Title dropdown list, and type in "DG." This will generate a list of only those courses identified as meeting the DG requirement.
Directed Study
Any course that is in the catalog can be offered as a Directed Study, if necessary, only when the course is not otherwise offered that semester. To be eligible for Directed Study, a student must have a grade point average of at least 2.00, either cumulative or in the most recent semester. A student may not repeat a course by Directed Study. A Directed Study will not be offered during a term in which the regular course is being taught. A special registration form, which requires the approval of both the supervising faculty member and the chief administrator in charge of keeping student records, becomes a part of the student's permanent file. The faculty member provides a detailed syllabus setting forth objectives of the course; an outline of course content; a list of required readings and other references; information on examinations, papers, and projects; and the basis for evaluation of the student's work.


Jenkins Education Complex.
Optional class; may not count toward major requirements but most likely will count toward hours for graduation.
Entrance-Into-Major Workshops
Offered during Mac FIRST Day and a couple weeks before registration opens each semester; hosted by department faculty and attended by students wishing to declare that major.
Experiential Learning
Applying what is learned in the classroom to a professional setting. All MacMurray students are required to do 3 credit hours of experiential learning, which can be fulfilled by either an internship, a study abroad tour, or a community service project. Students work closely with their faculty advisor to secure the ideal experience for them. This ensures that MacMurray students graduate with career experience applicable to their field, allowing them to be competitive candidates in today's workforce.


Free Application for Federal Student Aid; must be completed each year in order to receive financial aid; helps the government determine how much aid a student is eligible to receive.
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act; form that allows a student to choose who can receive his or her academic and financial information.
Field Practicum
The part of a course consisting of practical work in a particular field.
An extremely useful career guidance system available to MacMurray students that can help with academic and career decision-making. Includes career tests that assess interests, skills, personality, and values to help determine academic and career possibilities.
Full Time
12 or more credit hours in a semester.


Gen Eds
General Education Curriculum; designed to ensure that students develop a foundation of skills that incorporates coursework from across the disciplines.
Greek Counsel
A governing body for all social fraternities and sororities.


Hall Council
Each residence hall has a hall council that represents the students' interests to the MacMurray Student Association and coordinates activities and fundraising within the residence hall.


Incomplete; a temporary grade given to students who do not complete the assigned work for a class; must have contracted with the instructor to complete the work by a specific date.
Informational Interview
Also known as an Informational Conversation; a meeting with a professional, in which a potential job seeker seeks advice on their career, the industry, and the corporate culture of a potential future workplace.
Work experience often related to an academic area of interest; often unpaid.
Issues of Community & Conflict.
Available through MacMurray's Henry Pfeifer Library, iShare is a consortium of public and private libraries in Illinois, for the purpose of sharing and accessing materials between libraries. This service is totally free.
Information Technology; office on campus that assists with all technology-related matters.


Job Shadowing
A popular on-the-job learning, career development, and leadership development intervention. Essentially, job shadowing involves working with an employee who might have something to teach or can help the person shadowing him or her to learn new aspects related to the job, organization, certain behaviors, or competencies.


Katy Hall
Kathryn Hall; administrative building located at 447 East College Avenue.


Magna Cum Laude
Students earning an average GPA of 3.80 to 3.89 will be graduated magna cum laude. To qualify for honors, the last 60 hours must be completed at MacMurray. Transfer grades as well as MacMurray grades are included in calculating eligibility.
Matriculation Plan
Sometimes referred to as a graduation plan or academic plan; outline of the classes a student plans to take in order to graduate within their department.
Area of emphasis outside the major; typically 15-18 credit hours of coursework.
Publishes the annual literary and art magazine of student work each May.
MacMurray's online learning site; found at
Mortar Board
National Honor Society for seniors (students are selected at the completion of their junior year).
MacMurray Student Association; provides the opportunity for individual students to participate in the legislation, execution, and adjudication of their government and to provide a means for the equal and proper representation for all active campus organizations.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday; how the days of the week are indicated on the schedule of courses.
My Mac
MacMurray's online portal for students, staff, and faculty. Students can add/drop courses, view degree audits, use the GPA calculator, access various college forms, and more. Faculty can manage advisees and their schedules, access various college documents, and more.


Newman Club
A group which provides social and religious activities for students of the Catholic Faith.


Omega Theta Psi
Social and service fraternity for men.
One-Stop Student Services
Located on the second floor of Jenkins Education Complex, students can come to One-Stop Student Services for a variety of registration needs, including Financial Aid counseling, adding/dropping courses, refund checks, and more.


Phi Nu
A female social service society.
Using someone else's work without properly citing them; carries serious consequences.
Course that must be completed before another class; for example, RHET 101 must be completed before enrollment in RHET 102.
Presidential Scholars
Recipients of MacMurray's Presidential Honors Scholarship; top first year students are invited to compete. Must apply for admission to MacMurray by January 30th.
Academic probation is a warning for students who fall below a 2.0 GPA; financial aid probation is a warning for students who fall below certain grade and course completion requirements set by that office.
Individual who oversees all academic programs and policies.


Resident assistant; an upperclassman who lives in the residence for students living in the hall.
Resident director.
Deals with all student records, such as transcripts, and with all registration policies and procedures.
Res Fellows
Recipients of MacMurray's Residential Fellow Scholarship; 25 ACT and Top 20% of high school class invited to compete. Must apply for admission to MacMurray by January 30th.


A sheet often used to take multiple choice exams.
Student Nurses Association; encourages professional unity and sociability among nursing through campus programs, community involvement, and collaborative relationships.
Social Work Club
Facilitates communication between faculty and students, brings members into contact with agencies and professionals, provides opportunities for social interaction, and promotes the field of social work on and off campus.
Study Abroad
This refers to studying off campus, either within the US or a foreign country. Students may study off campus for one fall or spring semester and an unlimited number of May and summer terms. May Term study tours offer the opportunity to earn credit traveling with MacMurray faculty. More information about study abroad opportunities is available on our academic website.
Summa Cum Laude
Seniors earning a cumulative quality point average of 3.90 to 4.00 will be graduated summa cum laude. To qualify for honors, the last 60 hours must be completed at MacMurray. Transfer grades as well as MacMurray grades are included in calculating eligibility.
Academic suspension is removal from courses for one academic year for not meeting academic standards; financial aid suspension is removal from financial aid for a period of time based on requirements set by that office.


A copy of a student's permanent academic record, which usually means all courses taken, all grades received, all honors received, and degrees conferred to a student. This includes courses the student has withdrawn from, represented by a "W" grade.
Often free; academic assistance for students in specific subjects.


A student at a college or university who has not yet earned a bachelor's or equivalent degree.


Values Conflicts; two VCON classes are required for general education.
The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Life (VPAA-SL) is responsible for the curricular and the co-curricular life at MacMurray College, guiding the College's faculty, academic records and policies, the library, and special academic programs.


Shows up on a transcript when a student drops a class after the first week of classes; okay to get a few but not make a pattern of it.
If a student wishes to drop a course after the last day to drop a course without a grade, the process is referred to as withdrawing from a course. A "W" appears on the student's transcript.
Work Study
Part of a financial aid award; on-campus work that can be used to help pay tuition.