More than 98 percent of MacMurray College students receive financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, awards or need-based assistance, making the cost competitive with public institutions. Below are the costs and fees to attend MacMurray.

2020-21 Annual Cost of Attendance
  Full-time on-campus Full-time off-campus
Tuition $28,820 $28,820
Room & Board $10,185 $2,060 (meals only)
Comprehensive Fees $690 $690
Student Activity Fees $130 $130
Books & Supplies $0 $0
Total: $39,825 $31,450
2020-21 Online Program Cost
  Online Costs Online full-time per-year
Tuition $700 (per course) $7,000
Fees $50 (per semester) $150
Total:   $7,150

Other Costs and Fees

Part-time traditional students (up to 11 credit hours per semester), per credit hour $885
May and Summer sessions, per credit hour $700
Summer internship, per credit $210
Audit fee per course $330
High school student taking course for credit $490
Senior citizen taking course for credit $685
Senior citizen fee for auditing a course $170
Late registration $85
Transcript $20
Parking permit, per semester $65
Athletic team participation, per sport $60
Art Lab, per course $85
American Sign Language Assessment Testing $170
Directed Study, fall and spring semesters, per course $330
Natural Sciences (biology, chemistry, physics) Lab, per lab $60
Nursing comprehensive ATI fee, per semester (sophomores, juniors, seniors) $350
Nursing Lab, per semester (sophomores, juniors, seniors) $250
Private music lesson, per credit hour $225
Student Teaching, per credit hour $40
Single room, per semester, when available $730
Suite-style room, per semester, when available $165
Air conditioning, per semester, when available $205
Room change fee, per occurrence $120
Approved housing during break, per day $45
May Term (double room) $580
2020-21 Indirect Costs (estimated)
  Full-time on-campus Full-time off-campus
Fees $820 $820
Transportation $600 $1,500
Laundry $0  
Personal $1,050 $1,250
Total: $2,470 $3,570
2020-21 Online Program Indirect Costs (estimated)
  Online Costs Online full-time per-year
Books & Supplies $800