MacMurray College's Biology Program (pre-health track) can prepare you for graduate school in veterinary science, where you would study to become a veterinarian. Through rigorous courses in such disciplines as zoology, animal behavior, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, and anatomy and physiology, you are exposed to the knowledge you need to enter the veterinary school of your choice.

Undergraduate requirements for veterinary schools are variable, so the choice of courses at MacMurray will depend in part on where you plan to go for graduate school. Your faculty advisor will assist you in making these decisions.

The process for applying to veterinary school is similar to that for medical school, and many veterinary schools require internships or other hands-on experiences in veterinary offices. Such experiences are available at veterinary clinics and practices in Jacksonville and the surrounding area.

Entrance into veterinary school is competitive, and students need to maintain a high grade point average, score well on the Graduate Record Exam, obtain career experience with a veterinary practice, and be involved in extracurricular activities. For admission into veterinary school, applicants should have a grade point average of at least 3.50.

MacMurray College offers a wide variety of internship programs, including those with local veterinarians, veterinary hospitals, and zoos.

The demand for veterinarians is expected to grow faster than other professions in the coming years. The U.S. government projects that the field will grow by 9 percent in the next decade. Veterinarians treat large animals and small animals in private clinics and hospitals. Other veterinarians travel to farms, work in laboratories or classrooms, or work for the government or own their own private practice. The median pay for veterinarians is more than $87,000 per year.

Photo of Kendall Lustik '21

Kendall Lustik '21
Biology (Pre-Veterinary)

"The environment and look of campus embodied this sense of family which made it easy for me to make that transition into college life."