MacMurray College's Biology Program (pre-health track) can prepare you for medical school, where you will train to be a physician or surgeon. Through rigorous courses in such disciplines as biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, and human anatomy and physiology, you are exposed at MacMurray to the knowledge you need to enter the medical school of your choice.

Undergraduate requirements for medical schools are variable, so the choice of courses at MacMurray will depend in part on where you plan to go for graduate school. Your faculty advisor will assist you in making these decisions.

In addition to requiring a strong foundation in the sciences, medical schools also look for well-developed communication skills and course preparation in the humanities and social sciences. Although biology is the usual major for pre-medicine, it is possible to be accepted into medical school with any major, as long as the science requirements have been fulfilled.

Factors taken into account by medical school admissions committees include grade point average, score on the Medical College Admission Test, and a record of campus involvement. Generally, the successful medical school applicant has a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 or better and no less than 3.50. Competition for medical school is rigorous, and internships can set you apart. A variety of internships, including those with area physicians, hospitals, and medical schools, are available.

With the aging population in the United States, the demand for doctors and surgeons is expected to grow much faster than other professions in the coming years. The U.S. government projects that the field will grow by 14 percent in the next decade. Doctors work in a wide variety of locations, such as clinics, hospitals, and research centers; many own their own practices. Medical school is also a step on the road to becoming a specialist or surgeon, who focus on a specific area of medicine.

Physicians and surgeons are among the highest paid professionals in the country. The median pay for medical doctors is more than $187,000 per year, and some specialists' average pay is more than $400,000 a year.