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Mac 360

Mac 360 logo.

What is Mac 360?

Mac 360 is a campus-wide co-curricular program that offers a variety of activities and life enhancement programs for students outside of the classroom. Mac 360 is holistic learning that helps the student grow in many different areas of life: intellectually, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and professionally. Mac 360 programs are offered at various times of the week. There are a variety of topics and workshops from which to choose, offered by faculty, staff, community members, and guest speakers.

Mac 360 is important because it helps you connect with other students, faculty, and staff on campus. It also gives you opportunities to explore critical issues in society and grow as a person and as a professional.

Mac 360 includes programs from academic departments, Career Services, Health Services, Religious Life, Student Organizations, Convocations, Service and Volunteerism, individual research and academic pursuits, and more.

Four-Year Co-Curricular Learning

Mac 360 Requirements

Beginning fall 2016, all new students are required to earn 15 Mac 360 points per semester of enrollment up to their senior year.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get points?

Attend a Mac 360 event, and sign in or scan your ID into the digital check-in. If you are doing an individual Mac 360 activity, turn in a point card to the Student Life office. Point cards are available in the Student Life office.

Is it easy to get points?

Yes! If you plan on one Mac 360 program a week, you will have earned 15 in one semester. First Year Experience courses have half the points already built into their classes.

When are the programs offered?

There is a common hour every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11 — 11:50 a.m. when programs are offered. Mac 360 programs are offered at other times as well in the evenings or at other times of the day. Check the calendar every day!

Can I do my own Mac 360?

Yes! See your professor for individual projects or research in areas that interest you.

What if I am in a sport or student organization?

You get one Mac 360 point for being a member of a team or a member of a student organization.

What if I get more than 15 points a semester?

The points roll over into the next semester to accumulate toward your graduation requirement.

What if I don't get 15 points in one semester?

You can make up points the next semester to meet the overall requirement.

Can I present a Mac 360 program?

Yes! You must submit a proposal form to the Student Life Office.


"Mac 360 helped me understand the campus better. When I first came here, I had an idea of what the campus was and where a few things were but, going to events such as meeting clubs and playing games, I wouldn't know where to go.
"Mac 360 also allowed me to find a friend group that I belong in. As every freshman goes through, I didn't know who to talk to or even what to say to someone. All the events allowed me to meet new people and solidify my current friend group."

— Mary Freiburg, Freshman

"In a fun, open environment, In the Know (MAC 360) fosters critical thinking through discussion, debate, and fluency with the issues of today — adding value, depth, and perspective to student progress in the classroom."

— Adam C. Cassell, Public Services Librarian

Get Connected

Download the following apps from the App Store to view and check in to Mac 360 events.

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Schedule of Events for Spring

No events for this term have been posted yet. Check back soon!