The Business faculty offer programs and courses designed to meet the educational needs of students planning careers in sport management, as well as presenting an understanding of the nature and operation of the economy and the business of sport.

As a graduate of the Sport Management Program, you will be exposed to the foundation necessary for a professional career or graduate study. A major in sport management requires the completion of prescribed courses in accounting, biology, economics, management, physical education, sport management, and psychology.

Our sport management majors are trained in the fundamentals of the profession and receive the coursework and instruction necessary to successfully compete for positions in the administration of high school, college, and professional sports programs, as well as nonprofit agencies that instill the love of athletics and fitness.

While at MacMurray, you will be expected to engage in a significant amount of "experiential learning," or hands-on work, either in the classroom, in campus offices or in businesses around Jacksonville and beyond.

Internships are a crucial part of your career preparation, and MacMurray students can get job experience at park districts in Jacksonville and Springfield, as well as with various nonprofit agencies.

The Sport Management Program will provide you with the foundation necessary for entry into a professional career or graduate study.

Learn more about Coaching courses and how to pursue a minor in Coaching through our academic catalog.

Photo of Joana Ramsey

Joana Ramsey

Associate Professor of Sport Management, Faculty Athletic Representative, Head Volleyball Coach

"I love teaching for MacMurray College because it is a liberal arts institution. Students have the opportunity to explore their passions, build their portfolio, gain real work experience, participate in multiple activities/sports while applying the knowledge they are learning from their classroom experience. The small class size helps to provide my ideal classroom setting to help facilitate their liberal arts learning experience."

  • Areas of interest: Ramsey enjoys attending and watching sports, especially volleyball, as she is a retired volleyball coach. She's also passionate about swimming and teaching swim lessons.
  • M.S. in Sport Management — Western Illinois University
  • B.A. in Education — Illinois College
  • Courses taught: Sport Marketing, Public Relations for Sport Organizations, Introduction to Sport Management, Intramural and Recreation Administration, Business Communications, Management — Team Building, Legal Issues of Sport and Recreation, Introduction to Business, Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Promotion and Advertising, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Introduction to Sport Culture, Strategic Management, Wellness, Marketing Management