MacMurray College offers a well-rounded program in Business Administration with minors offered in accounting, marketing, management, and finance. Our goal is to prepare you for exciting careers in business.

As a Business major at MacMurray, you will gain exposure to key disciplines that matter to your success, such as business communication, human resources, marketing and advertising, international business, leadership and management, economics, accounting, finance, legal issues, and more.

While at MacMurray, you will be expected to engage in a significant amount of "experiential learning," or hands-on work, either in the classroom or in businesses around Jacksonville and beyond.

Internships are a crucial part of your career preparation, and MacMurray students get job experience at local firms in the area, as well as at the state and even national level. MacMurray 2015 graduate Martin Lara, for example, held a summer internship in the budget office at the U.S. Department of Transportation in Washington, D.C.

The Business Administration Program will provide you with the foundation necessary for entry into a professional career or graduate study. Recent MacMurray graduates are working in a variety of exciting business fields, including insurance and financial planning, management, sales and marketing, banking, finance, and accounting to name a few.

Your workplace options cover the gamut: you can choose to work in an office individually or as part of a team, or you can embark on your own business venture.

Learn more about Business Administration courses and how to pursue a degree in Business Administration through our academic catalog.

BUSA 211. Technology and Society. (3) This course provides a critical examination of the complex interrelationship between society and technology. The course makes students aware of the pervasiveness of technology in our everyday lives, creating and encouraging an understanding of how technology interacts with and is embodied in society. Technology is both the driving force behind societal change as well as the output of our technological imagination. It is this dichotomy that will be examined in this course. Students will learn about how digital tools have led to the development of a high-tech society characterized by customization, individualism, and privatization. The course covers topics such as innovation in the technology sector, Facebook, online surveillance, digital inequality, and immaterial labor. No prerequisite.

BUSA 221. Statistics for Business. (3) Analysis of statistical theories and techniques and their applications for decision making in the social sciences. No prerequisite.

BUSA 223. Business Communication. (3) This course explores the theory and practice of a variety of business communication situations including group communication, interviewing, resume writing, business presentations, and others. Prerequisites: RHET 132 or permission of instructor.

BUSA 301. Cultural Environment of International Business. (3) The impact of cultural differences and diverse world views on the practice of business in multicultural and international business environments. Students will examine the nature of culture and their own cultural perspectives in relation to a variety of business contexts. No prerequisite.

BUSA 316. Business Law. (3) A study of the field of law as it applies to business transactions, including commercial code, torts, agency and employment negotiable instruments, partnerships, corporations, and security. No prerequisite.

BUSA 393/493. Career Experience (1-3) From official catalog — Graduation Requirements: "Supervised experience off campus is not only a way of putting into practice what has been studied in the classroom but also exposes students to practical questions and issues which cannot be simulated in the classroom." This course provides an opportunity for students to reflect on and apply what they are learning in conjunction with an official internship, field practicum, or other for-credit experiential learning opportunity. Students will work with their advisors and the Career Services Office to arrange an internship or career-experience opportunity in a field related to their major. Students will then work in their chosen field during the semester, meeting in the classroom to report on related reading and their field experience. Must pass with a C or better. Students may elect to enroll in 1 to 3 credits per semester. This course may be repeated. This course is designed to fulfill the Experiential Learning requirement as outlined in the General Education guidelines.

BUSA 400. Business Strategy. (3) An integration and application of previous courses through the study of problems in policy formulation and implementation. The cases and topics discussed in the course will place emphasis on strategic planning. Open only to seniors majoring in Business.

Photo of Kathi White

Kathi White

Associate Professor of Business

  • Areas of interest: White is interested in examining organizational change strategies.
  • M.B.A. — Emporia State University
  • M.S. in Industrial Psychology — Emporia State University
  • B.S. in Psychology — Marymount College
  • Courses taught: Principles of Management, Business Strategy, Human Resource Management, Leadership and Cultural Environment of International Business
Photo of Chad Duncheon

Chad Duncheon

Assistant Professor of Accounting

“We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.” - Ben Sweetland

  • Areas of interest: Duncheon is an avid golfer and sports fan, with an emphasis on the Cubs. He likes to play with his six-year-old pup, Carl, as much as he can.
  • M.S. in Professional Accountancy – Illinois State University
  • B.S. in Accountancy – Illinois State University 
  • Courses taught: Intro. to Financial Accounting, Intro. to Cost Accounting, Intermediate Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Federal Income Taxation and Auditing.
Photo of Joshua Seifert

Joshua Seifert

Assistant Professor of Marketing and Business

“Teaching allows me to share my wealth of business knowledge and experience with students to help ensure their success upon graduation.”

  • Areas of interest: Seifert likes to combine innovative marketing strategies with top tier communication skills and techniques.
  • M.B.A – Culver-Stockton College
  • B.S. in Business Administration – Culver-Stockton College
  • Courses taught: Business Communications, Principles of Marketing, Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Advertising, Marketing Communications, Social Media Marketing, Topics in Marketing, and Career Experience.
Photo of Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith

Visiting Professor of Economics and Finance

Kara Lynch

Professional Fellow

College of Distinction logo.

MacMurray College's Business program was recognized by the College of Distinction, which seeks to identify colleges and universities in the country that provide the best atmosphere for students to learn, grow and succeed. MacMurray College was named a College of Distinction for 2019-20, the sixth year in a row.

Photo of Nick Newton '18

Nick Newton '18
Business Administration and Accounting

"I learned a lot from all my classes at Mac and I was able to apply those skills in the work place."