MacMurray College, founded in 1846, has a noble and rich history. We are committed to transforming lives, as we Cherish Tradition, Embrace Innovation, and Nurture Community. Our Mission Statement below focuses on what we seek to achieve in the education and life success of our students. Our Vision Statement describes the College's intended position for the next decade, and our Core Values shape our actions and provide us with heuristics for important decision-making.

Vision Statement

By 2030, MacMurray College will be recognized as an educational leader in promoting an engaged, diverse, and inclusive teaching and learning environment where students, faculty, and staff are supported by a broad array of resources including modern facilities, innovative technology, and international opportunities.

Mission Statement

The mission of MacMurray College is to educate a diverse student population by providing a learning environment and programs of study that prepare graduates for professional careers and further education, equipping them with the broad-based skills and ethical insights of a liberal arts education, to confront the global challenges of the twenty-first century.

Core Values Statement

The core values of MacMurray College are Knowledge, Faith, Service and Wisdom, Duty, Reverence, which define, inform, and guide the philosophy and work of the College.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

Each graduate of MacMurray College will be able to:

  1. Communicate effectively orally and in writing;
  2. Think critically;
  3. Apply their learning;
  4. Comport themselves in an ethical and responsible manner;
  5. Work effectively within and across varying worldviews.