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Innovations support access to quality education

September 1, 2010

MacMurray College has planned a number of new initiatives to support student access and affordability in these challenging economic times. By minimizing both financial and admissions barriers to students and their families, these latest efforts build on other recent initiatives by the College to help students more easily complete a quality, private undergraduate education.

“Education is a critical issue for America,” said College President Colleen Hester, echoing President Obama’s attention to improving college graduation rates in the country and thereby protecting America’s stature in the world economy. “A well-educated workforce in the 21st century and American global competitiveness now demand more than the high school education that prepared earlier generations for a career and family support. MacMurray College is committed to providing a high quality, affordable, private college education. Our children, our grandchildren, and our communities deserve nothing less.”

MacMurray College initiatives to take effect in the 2011-12 academic year include:

  • Affordable, innovative tuition program: Full-time students in 2011-2012 can expect the tradition of affordable tuition to reach a new zenith with a promise to hold tuition flat for full-time students who continue full-time in 2012-2013. Full-time freshmen beginning study in 2011-2012 who graduate in four years will experience no more than one tuition increase, with flat tuition for their junior and senior years.
  • Senior Room & Board Graduation Award: Beginning in 2011-2012, senior students who have lived in residence halls for their first 3½ years will receive free room and board in their final semester of study.
  • Standardized tests optional for admission: Students will no longer be required to submit ACT or SAT scores for admission to MacMurray. Colleges across the country, including many Ivy League colleges, have adopted a similar policy. A successful high school GPA, built on day-to-day discipline and achievement, will earn admission to MacMurray College. We know that the best predictor of academic success is past academic success.
    ACT or SAT scores will still be required for students who wish to be considered for merit aid, as well as for admission to MacMurray’s selective Nursing Program.

MacMurray College has been proactive in assuring student affordability. Policies already in place to help affordability include:

  • Courses are provided Tuesday to Friday (service and administrative offices are open Monday through Friday). This gives students an additional day:
    • for independent academic study.
    • to pursue applied learning opportunities such as internships.
    • for part-time work to help pay for college.
  • Students have the option in 2010-2011 to rent many of their textbooks, rather than only being able to purchase their books.
  • Tuition and fees in 2009-2010 place MacMurray College in the most affordable 20% of private colleges and universities in Illinois.

Additional exciting innovations will be announced soon!

For more information, contact:

Ted Roth, Director of Public Relations
Work: 217-479-7027 | Cell: 217-883-3340
Email: Send Email

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