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Services to Students

Note-taking Assistance

Due to the functional limitations of their disabilities, some students require a note taker to augment or supply their classroom notes. MacMurray College subscribes to the "self-recruitment service model" which reinforces the goal of empowering students to develop skills that lead to greater independence and self-advocacy. After they have registered with the Disability Support Services Office and their accommodations have been verified, students are expected to make an appointment with their instructors to discuss their needs. This is a good opportunity to talk about your classroom teaching format, the use of electronic media, power points, and availability of instructor notes.

Some students, usually those who have been at the College for a couple of semesters, find their own note takers among their classmates while others will ask your help in selecting competent, reliable volunteers from the class. These students will give you two forms: the first is an Announcement by Faculty to Recruit a Note Taker in Class that you may use and does not identify the student; the second is a Note Taker Sign-Up that you may circulate to generate volunteers.

After the list is circulated, faculty should assist the student in selecting a note taker. If no one volunteers by this method, the faculty is encouraged to privately ask a student he or she believes would be a good note taker if that student would be willing to accommodate. Faculty may ask DSS to assist if there are no suitable volunteers.

The Note Taker Sign-Up form with the name and contact information of the selected note taker is returned by the student to the Disability Support Services Office. The volunteer is contacted by DSS and scheduled for note taker orientation.

Notes are often handwritten and photocopied and sometimes they are typed and emailed. Some students with this accommodation prefer anonymity and receive their notes once or twice a week in the DSS Office. Others receive them directly from their note takers. Either way is acceptable; DSS will check periodically for satisfaction of both the note taker and the recipient; feel free to do the same. If there are issues, it is best to identify and resolve them quickly.

Note takers who miss class are instructed to find a substitute note taker, and recipients of notes who miss class without an excused absence are not entitled to receive them. Having a note taker is never a substitute for attending class and faculty should notify DSS if an attendance issue is present.

Testing Services

Upon request, the Disability Support Services (DSS) Office assists faculty by providing proctored testing accommodations for MacMurray College students who have documented disabilities, who are eligible for testing accommodations, and who are registered with the Disability Support Services Office.

Disability Support Services Responsibilities

Faculty's Responsibilities

Sign Language Interpreters in the Classroom

You may at some point have a student in your class that uses a sign language interpreter. Sign language interpreters are contracted professionals who are hired by the College to help you and your students who are deaf or hard of hearing achieve access. You may find the following information helpful to you as an instructor.